Letters to the Mayor: Mexico City

March 5 – April 4, 2016

Opening Reception: April 4, 2016

Spanish Cultural Center in Mexico City


Letters to the Mayor: Mexico City is part of the international edition of Letters to the Mayor, a project initiated by Storefront for Art and Architecture in April 2014. The project invites architects to write letters to their mayors, bringing pressing issues and new ideas to the desks of elected officials. Subsequent iterations, organized in partnership with local institutions and individuals, bring the project to many cities and towns across the globe. All iterations of the project have three elements in common: an exhibition of letters addressed to the mayor, a Mayoral Desk and Architect’s Table, and a wallpaper that reflects ideas and issues unique to each city. The desk and table, as well as the wallpaper, are designed by local architects, artists, and designers, and reflect upon the role of the architect in the construction of the future of the contemporary city.

Letters to the Mayor – Mexico City is part of MEXTRÓPOLI, an international festival of architecture and the city. The festival inspires a creative, critical, and participatory approach between citizens through lectures, dialogues, workshops, city tours, pavilions, and open air activities that transform Mexico City into a pioneer of architecture and urbanism worldwide. MEXTRÓPOLI gathers more than 22,000 people over four days to design the city. Students, citizens, professionals, tourists, creatives, public figures, opinion leaders, and experts come together for this event to generate knowledge through architecture.



Miquel Adriá, Alejandro Hernández, Pedro Hernández, José Castillo, Pablo Goldin Marcovich, Juan José Kochen, Félix Sánchez, Pablo Kobayashi, Mauricio Rocha, Víctor Alcérreca, Marcos Mazari Hiriart, Héctor López, Sergio Beltrán, Patricio Ruiz, Yuri Zagorin, Horacio Urbano, Juan José Sánchez Aedo, Enrique Norten, Bernardo Gómez Pimienta, Juan Carlos Cano, Pedro Reyes, Michel Rojkind, Ernesto Alva, Raúl Cárdenas, Felipe Leal, Saydee Springall, Caterina Prgazzi, Andrea Griborio, Mariana Barron, Felipe Leal, Saydee Springall, Caterina Pregazzi, Andrea Griborio, Mariana Barrón, Selene Patlán, Rozana Montiel, Tatiana Bilbao, Fernanda Canales, Frida Escobedo, Loreta Castro Dolores Martínez, Louise Noelle, Surella Segú, Laura Janka, Sol Camacho, Gabriela Carillo, Elena Tudela, Carolyn Aguilar, Jimena de Gortari, Clara de Buen, Ingrid Moye, Ana Paula Ruiz Galindo, Erika Loana, Aura Cruz, and Luby Springall 


Designer Mayoral / Architect Table:

Pedro Hernández


Current Mayor of Mexico City:

Miguel Ángel Mancera Espinosa Jefe de Gobierno del Distrito Federal

Address: Jefatura de Gobierno del Distrito Federal Plaza de la Constitución #2, 1ER PISO

Oficina 131 Colonia Centro, Delegación Cuauhtémoc

C.P. 06700

Email adress: jefaturadegobierno@df.gob.mx


About Letters to the Mayor:

As civic figures, architects have a privilege and a responsibility to articulate and translate the collective aspirations of society; particularly for those who are not able to sit at decision-making tables.

Throughout history, architects have engaged with this responsibility and the structures of economic, political, and cultural power in different ways with varying degrees of success. With the rise of globalization and the homogenization of the contemporary city, the role of the architect in the political arena has often been relegated to answering questions that others have asked. In their pursuit to design the next economically driven cultural-iconic-touristic object, an increasing number of architects, as well as political leaders, have undermined the potential of design to participate in the advancement of public life.

Letters to the Mayor is an itinerant exhibition that displays real letters written by architects to their city mayors, and brings innovative ideas and visions of the city closer to the decision-makers, and vice versa.

Storefront for Art and Architecture initiated Letters to the Mayor in New York City in 2014 with a collection of fifty letters from international architects who wrote to their mayors. Subsequent iterations, organized in partnership with local institutions and groups, have brought local and international issues onto the desks of elected officials and into the public consciousness by focusing on the specific issues unique to each city.



Letters to the Mayor is part of Storefront for Art and Architecture’s initiative Architecture Conflicts, a project which purpose is to identify pressing issues, ongoing conflicts, and design solutions in relation with the most important urban problems today. Architecture Conflicts is supported by the National Endowment for the Arts.