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MANIFESTO SERIES:  ARCHIZINES LIVE: Symposium on Publishing Practices

5 Manifesto Series on: MEDIUM / SPEED / HISTORY / CRISIS / DESIRE

April 20, 2012

In conjunction with the exhibition Archizines, Storefront hosted a 2-day symposium on publishing practices as part of its Manifesto Series. Throughout its exhibition tour, Archizines provided platforms for architectural research and debate, demonstrating the residual love of the printed word and paper page. Made by architects, artists and students, the publications included in the exhibition added an important, and often radical, addition to architectural discourse that was further explored through the Manifesto Series.


The 2-day symposium included a Manifesto Series consisting of presentations on themes of medium/speed/history/crisis/desire by editors of the publications on display in the exhibition together with writers, critics and historians working within the fields of architecture and publishing; and a conversation between  Elias Redstone , curator of Archizines and  Craig Buckley, Beatriz Colomina  and  Urtzi Grau , members of the curatorial team of  Clip Stamp Fold,  an exhibition about the radical architecture of little magazines that was presented at Storefront in 2006.


Friday April 20, 7-9 PM: Medium and Speed

The materiality and temporality of a publication produces an epistemological space that conditions the writing and reading of the architecture depicted in its pages. With the emergence of new publishing technologies, new modes of writing and reading have emerged and these new mediums and speeds were explored in the Manfiesto Series. 

7.00-8.00 Medium

MAS Context
Fresh Meat
Archphoto 2.0

8.00-9.00 Speed

Architects Newspaper

Saturday, April 21: History/Crisis/ Desire

2.00-3.00 / HISTORY. The context in which architecture magazines insert themselves today is undeniably historical. Fueled by a rich collection of publications from the last forty years, magazines position themselves in relation to a large dilated present. 


Presenters who took part in the discussion of the historical relevence of these publications included:

Another Pamphlet

No Now

New Geographies



A conversation between Elias Redstone, curator of Archizines and Craig Buckley, Beatriz Colomina and Urtzi Grau, members of the curatorial team of Clip Stamp Fold, moderated by Eva Franch.

4.00-5.30 / CRISIS. Moments of crisis are moments of redefinition, when the institutionalized realms open up to the spaces of experimentation and cultural debate in order to retrace the path toward the future. From global ecologic crisis to the crash of the construction bubble in Spain to generalized economic turmoils, architects have found new ground in the production of architecture through the pages of magazines. 


Presentations included:

Cornell Journal of Architecture
Foreign Architects Switzerland (FAS)
San Rocco

6.00-7.30 DESIRE. Desire always desires content. Going beyond the spaces of fulfillment required by society or institutional bodies, magazines are the our space for the production of new imaginaries and vectors of desire. 


Presentations included:

Evil People in Modernist Homes in Popular Films



The Manifesto Series is part of an effort to encourage the formulation of positions in relation to selected topics and instigate spirited discussion and exchange in a dynamic and polemical context. The format therefore differs from that of a typical symposium. 



Special thanks to by Mister H at Mondrian Soho for hosting the Archizines LIVE afterparty for panellists and special guests and and to sponsors VOX Vodka, Jim Beam and Courvoisier C.