Day 5

June 29, 2013

Santo Domingo

BRAVE NEW NOW / Manifesto Series

La Alpargatería


To move towards the future is always a brave -almost full- yet ultimately unavoidable act. What are the present visions that will take the Dominican Republic into its future?


This event was free and open to the public.

Participating Experts

Aleshiang Ben (DR Architect)

Rubén Hernández Fontana (local architect)

El Hombrecito (local artists)

Sachi Hoshikawa (NY/DR architect)

Jeffrey Inaba (NY architect and critic)

Andrés Jaque (NY architect)

Ayacx Mercedes (UNICEF consultant)

Juan Mubarak (local architect and developer)

Mite Nishio (local communications director)

Omar Rancier (Dean of Architecture, UNPHU)

Emil Rodríguez Garabot (architect and urban planner)

Juan Rufino Castillo (local architect)

Shohei Shigematsu (NY architect)

Moderated by Eva Franch i Gilabert (NY/BCN curator and architect)


Manifesto Series develops and exposes fresh, new ideas in a short, precise and concise manner. The events reinvigorate and reinvent the manifesto format as a way of exchanging ideas forcing the participants to denounce a present or past condition, proclaim an alternative present, past or future situation and indicate a strategy or method to achieve its announced goals.


Storefront IS DR / Manifesto Series: Brave New Now from Storefront for Art&Architecture on Vimeo.


About Storefront International Series

Storefront International Series (Storefront IS) is a nomadic project that takes the Storefront Series to different cities and territories around the globe. Establishing a transversal format of inquiry, Storefront International Series works with local individuals and institutions to identify relevant topics and address the most pressing challenges by providing alternative frameworks of discussion. With a mix of local and global experts from the fields of art, architecture, literature, politics, real state, anthropology, economics, technology and science and citizens at large, the Storefront International Series aims to articulate local desires within global understandings. 


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