New Artifacts

The first iteration of Storefront Editions, New Artifacts, presents three limited works from the worlds of art, architecture, and design specially commissioned for ARTIFACT, Storefront’s 2017 Spring Benefit on May 23 at Federal Hall. 



Adam McEwen

L-Ruler is an edition consisting of a representation of a 12-inch L-ruler machined in graphite, a signature material of McEwen’s practice. The ruler exists at the intersection of drawing, art, and architecture. The context of Storefront’s role and position, grounded in architecture and experimentation, suggests the right angle of an L-ruler, as opposed to a plain straight edge.


In theory, the edition is a technically accurate ruler and could be used as such. But the soft materiality of graphite and its willingness to roll off of itself means that with use, the ruler would soon grow distorted—dented, imperceptibly curved, worn down, made out-of-true—rendering it increasingly unreliable, deceptive, and ultimately useless.





12” x 7” x 3/32

Edition: 10, signed and numbered on boxes (2 APs)




LITE-SCAPES SF is an edition of lighting fixtures. One liter of clear colorized latex rubber is cast and threaded through with a 20” tube of LED flexible neon. The topology of each fixture derives from the packaging insert that mediates between an electric toothbrush and its shipping box. These inserts are transfer mold castings of fibrous recycled paper slurry, sprayed from a pulp pool against a metal mesh mold, to which it is adhered by a vacuum.


This recycling of recycling, a casting of a casting, represents LOT-EK’s interest in upstream/downstream vectors of material culture, and in the radically adaptive reuse—or upcycling—of our manufactured second nature. Castings of latex, a material beloved by both epidemiologists and fetishists, have some of the resilience and warmth of flesh.




 Cast clear colored rubber, LED neon strip, transformer, electric cord, switch and plug

7” x 11” x 5”

Edition: 20 in 5 colors (5 APs)



Murray Moss + Lobmeyr

Marilyn is a boxed set of four crystal water/wine tumblers produced by the renowned Viennese crystal maker Lobmeyr, established 1823. Each glass in the set is hand engraved by Lobmeyr’s master engraver with a different pattern of a “crack.”


These faux fractures illustrate the extreme fragility of the glass—they are the thinnest possible barrier between the liquid and our lips. Lobmeyr’s “muslin” glasses are so thin that they have the ability to modify our behavior when using them, requiring us to be more delicate in order to avoid the very “cracks” which are in this case celebrated on each glass.


Far from rendering the objects damaged, these engraved flaws make the objects even more precious, much like a beauty mark. Marilyn gracefully demonstrates our fears and trepidation concerning vulnerability. Any fear of damage is pre-empted; the crack is an embellishment that becomes the decoration.


Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius, and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.” -Marilyn Monroe 




Clear crystal, hand engraved

3.25” (Dia) x 3.5” (H)

Edition: 24 sets of 4 glasses, each with a different “crack” (1 AP)



For more information about each of the editions, contact Jinny Khanduja at or 212.431.5795.