Archizines  + Arch-Art! Books

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Opening Reception: April 17, 2012, 7 PM – 9 PM

Archizines                                            Arch-Art! Books

April 18th-June 9th                              May 5th-June 9th

Curated by Elias Redstone                    Curated by Adam O’Reilly


A double exhibition with 80 magazines, 80 feet of books and other printed matters.

Designed by


(Giancarlo Valle, Isaiah King and Ryan Neiheiser) 


Archizines + Arch-Art! Books was a double exhibition consisting of Archizines curated by Elias Redstone (April 18 – June 9, 2012) and Arch-Art! Books, curated by Adam O’Reilly for Printed Matter, Inc. ( May 5 – June 9, 2012) that brought  to the table a hypothesis: printed matter matters . Consisting of an eclectic selection of new independent and alternative magazines, fanzines and journals from around the world (that can be read as a contemporary response to the Clip Stamp Fold exhibition curated by Beatriz Colomina at Storefront in 2007, which explored the little magazines phenomenon in the 60’s and 70’s), together with a selection of contemporary artist books with architecture at the center, the exhibition was a temporary library for contemporary approaches to architecture from different disciplinary origins and degrees of expertise.

Archizines was launched by Elias Redstone as a research project to celebrate and promote the resurgence of independent and alternative publishing (, and an exhibition was initiated in collaboration with the Architectural Association School of Architecture in November 2011. Following presentations in London, Milan and Barcelona, Archizines made its American debut at Storefront with a bespoke design by  

(Giancarlo Valle, Isaiah King, Ryan Neiheiser) that draws inspiration from the quintessential New York model of publication display – the news stand – and turns it on its side.  Instead of a vertical, 2-dimensional billboard, the show offers a horizontal, 3-dimensional field of objects: 80 architecture publications displayed on delicate metal rods, which sprout from the floor. The exhibition evacuates all other content from the space, creating an information vacuum that focuses the visitor’s attention on the objects themselves : 80 architecture magazines, fanzines and journals from over 20 countries that provide new platforms for commentary, criticism and research into the spaces we inhabit and the practice of architecture.  

Publications in Archizines include: 90×60, America Deserta Revisted, Another Pamphlet, Apartamento, Archinect News Digest, Archphoto2.0,  Beyond, Block, Boundaries, Bracket, Camenzind, Candide, City as Material, Civic City Cahier, Clog, Club Donny, Conditions, Cornell Journal of Architecture, Criticat, derive, Ein Magazin über Orte, engawa, Evil People in Modern Homes in Popular Films, face b, Foreign Architects Switzerland, Fresh Meat, Friendly Fire, Generalist, Horizonte, Index, Journal Illustratif, Junk Jet, Kerb, Le Journal Spéciale’Z, Log, MAP, Mark, MAS Context, matzine, Maximum Maxim MMX, Megawords, mono.kultur, Monu, New City Reader, New Geographies, no now, Noz 04, OASE, One:Twelve, Onsite, P.E.A.R., Pablo Internacional, PIDGIN, PIN-UP, PISEAGRAMA: Periodic Public Space, PLAT, PLOT, Pollen, Praxis, Preston is my Paris, Public Library, Sami huksendaidda, San Rocco, Scapegoat, scopio, SOILED, SPAM, Studio, The Modernist, The Unlimited Edition, The Weather Ring, Thresholds, TOO MUCH, Touching Architecture, Trans, UP, UR, Volume, What About It?  

Arch-Art! Books  presented a selection of artists’ books culled from Printed Matter, Inc.’s current catalog and presented them as a medium through which architecture might be photographically and representationally explored. Each book was an flâneur’s response to the urban environment, documenting the social patina and environmental decay left on architectural space. The   design presented the books on linear displays, which cuts through and displace the field of existing Archizines publications.

Together, the complementary shows formed an exhibition of exchange and dialogue; mining the overlap and friction found in the recent resurgence of alternative and independent architecture and art publishing from around the world.

The exhibition also included additional printed material (a graphic façade, newsprint, and catalogue) designed by Benjamin Critton that brought together ideas presented in each exhibition.

In conjunction with the presentation of Archizines, Storefront hosted a 2-day symposium on publishing practices as part of its Manifesto Series. For more information, click here.

Support for Archizines was provided by Arquine, Architectural Record/McGraw-Hill Construction, DOMUS, eVolo, and Susan Szenasy, Metropolis, leaders in print publication interested in supporting the next generation of publications because “printed matter matters.”