CABARET SERIES: Architecture & Money

May 11, 2013



Storefront for Art and Architecture together with Pidgin presented a Cabaret Series: Architecture & Money, an event that explored different notions of value and architecture and the relationship between them.


The event consisted of a live auction where a series of posters containing questions posed to architectural figures were auctioned and adjudicated to the bidder able to provide the most accurate answer. Posters contained all proposed answers by the audience. The live auction was followed by a series of monologues listed below.


The Auction Poster Collection [list in formation]:

How much would it cost to build a blob? (Greg Lynn)
How much does the average Princeton M.Arch make a year after graduation? (Alejandro Zaera-Polo)
What percentage of your firm’s profit comes from non-architectural projects? (Michael Graves)
How much has the property value of this space changed since renovation in 1993? (Eva Franch i Gilabert)


Monologues given by:

Introduction: Pidgin Editors
Architecture and Money: John Harwood
Money and Architecture: Andy Vann and Jordan Carver
Architecture without Money: Common Room


Pidgin Details

Price: $10

Dimensions: 5” x 7.5” x .45”

ISBN 978-0-9891194-0-5




The Cabaret Series is part of Storefront’s programming for the development of modes of expression that engage with contemporary discourses, the audience and the social, political and physical space of the event in a playful, sexy and humorous manner. The events have the aim to produce new modes of communication between speakers, performers and spectators through humor, provocation, seduction and immediacy. 




CabaretSeries Architecture&Money from Storefront for Art&Architecture on Vimeo.