Fragment from The Architectural Uncanny: Essays in the Modern Unhomely by Anthony Vidler, 1992.


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Storefront’s Critical Halloween Party Bibliography is a compilation of readings that acts as a resource for individuals interested in investigating the topic of each year’s Critical Halloween event. The bibliography for this year’s theme “REAL” focuses in particular on political embodiment, philosophical notions of reality, architectural and spatial imaginations, simulationism and computation, realism and surrealism in art, violence and architecture, and more.


The REAL can carry connotations of politics, technology, ontology, and capital, as well as alternative or obscured history and thought. With this bibliography, we collect existing philosophies, ideologies, and knowledge in the archives of history through a series of texts that sheds light upon the articulation of thoughts, costumes, and critique.


To submit your own contributions to the bibliography REAL, and to be featured on Storefront’s Instagram account, send an email with citations and your Instagram handle to with the subject line “REAL REFERENCES.” 




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