Storefront for Art and Architecture is pleased to announce a trip for members to the 11th Havana Biennial of Art in Havana, Cuba from May 10 – May 19, 2012.

Storefront for Art and Architecture offered its patrons the opportunity to visit Cuba for a focused architectural study trip on the occasion of the 11th Havana Biennial. The tour was led by Belmont Freeman and Eva Franch with the participation of local experts, including Eduardo Luis Rodriguez, curator of the 2004 Storefront exhibition “Architecture and Revolution in Cuba, 1959-1969.”

The tour group had limited available spots and the trip was intended to offer travelers exclusive access to the Biennial through Storefront’s network and immersion in the architectural experience of Cuba.


All participants traveled under Storefront for Art and Architecture’s license that allowed individuals under the auspices of Storefront to engage in people-to-people cultural exchange travel-related transactions involving Cuba as set for in section 515.560(c) of the Cuban Assets Control Regulations. The license was issued on behalf of the Secretary of the Treasury in November 2011.


This trip is open to members of Storefront only [if you would like to attend a future trip, you can become a member and enjoy this and other opportunities by as little as 8.33$ a month].

To become a member of Storefront, please visit or contact Kara Meyer at