Letters to the Mayor: Madrid

September 29th – October 9th, 2016

XII Semana de la Arquitectura



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In collaboration with the XII Semana de la Arquitectura and COAM (Colegio Oficial de Arquitectos de Madrid), Storefront presents Letters to the Mayor: Madrid as part of the global Letters to the Mayor project. Each iteration presents a collection of letters by more than 100 architects, addressing the most pressing issues facing their city. 


Letters to the Mayor: Madrid invited the following architects to write to Mayor Manuela Carmena Castrillo:



Acebo x Alonso, Israel Alba Ramis, Alberdi, Mónica Alberola, Javier Alonso Madrid, Maria Anton-Barco María José Aranguren, Canals Moneo Arquitectos (Valerio Canals y Clara Moneo), Carlos Arroyo Zapatero, José Ballesteros (Pasajes), Jose Juan Barba, Manuel Blanco, Bollería Industrial, Ángel Borrego Cubero (Office for Strategic Spaces), Brijuni (Beatriz Villanueva Cajide y Francisco Javier Cobo), Nerea Calvillo, Andrés Cánovas Alcaraz, Gador Carvajal, Chiquitectos (Almudena de Benito), Santiago Cifuentes Barrio, Marcos Corrales, Cuartoymitad Architecture and Landscape (Ana Miret, Miguel Paredes and Ruth Vega), ELII (Uriel Fogué, Eva Gil and Carlos Palacios), Juan Elvira y Clara Murado, Carlos Espejo Escorial, Miguel Fernández Galiano, Flast (Elisa R. Laval and Frédéric Fraeys), Ramón Francos Sánchez, Nicolás Frayes Rodriguez, La Galería de la Magdalena (Raquel Congosto and Isabel Arenas), Paula García Masedo, Edgar González, José Antonio Granero Ramírez, Belén Hermida Rodríguez, Juan Herreros, Ricardo Higueras de Cárdenas, Husos (Diego Barajas and Camilo García), Andrés Jaque, Luis Jurado Téllez, Anupama Kundoo, Fernando Landecho González-Soto, Carlos Leganitos, José Ignacio Linazasoro, Verónica Meléndez, Juan Mera González, MI5VR (Manuel Collado and Nach Martín), Rafael Moneo, Néstor Montenegro, Fuensanta Nieto, Nundo (Verónica Sánchez), Manuel Ocaña del Valle, Jaime Ortiz Belda, Raquel Otero Ortiz de Cosca, Paisaje Transversal, ParedesPedrosa (Ángela García de Paredes and Ignacio García Pedrosa – as signed), Matilde Peralta, Pedro Pitarch, Raquel Prendes, Pyo Arquitectos (Paul Galindo and Ophelie Herránz), Elena Rivas Ruzafa, Luis Rodriguez-Avial Llardent, Gabriel Ruíz Larrea, Marisa Sáenz de Oiza, Jesús San Vicente, Mara Sanchez Lorens, Javier Sanjuan, José Manuel Santa Cruz Chao, Sandra Suárez Rionegro, Taller de Casquería, Lina Toro Ocampo, Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Luis Úrculo, Gonzalo del Val, Juan Carlos Vaquerizo Jiménez, VIC (Mauro Gil-Fournier, Esaú Acosta and Miguel Jaenike), Ignacio Vicente Sandoval, ZULOARK





Local Curators

Moneo Brock and Enorme Studio


Mayoral Desk / Architect’s Table Design

Ana Arana and Enrique Ventosa


Floorpaper Design

Gonzalo del Val







ENORME is the evolution of three co-founders of PKMN Architectures, we’re Carmelo Rodríguez, Rocio Pina, David Pérez.


After having collaborated for ten years on more than one hundred projects we’ve just started with a new shared initiative that keeps the same radical approach to architecture.


We design and build ARCHITECTURE PROJECTS based on industrial systems and typological innovation. We’re specialists in mobile systems design applied to housing, office design and retail. We’ve changed the traditional concept of room in architecture, creating spaces that are easily converted through simple gestures.


We design and perform participation dynamics in the domain of city construction through our creative services platform CIUDAD CREA CIUDAD and the creation of CITIZENSHIP BRAND IDENTITIES. Our aim is to foster alternative ways to examine urban issues and to motivate the creation of a proactive citizen culture.


We design and apply TACTICAL URBANISM tools that transfer teamwork strategies and collective thinking dynamics into public and private space design and management. Our aim is to give the city back to citizens as an emotional, plural and relational space.





Moneo Brock is an international architectural, planning and design firm of versatile professionals committed to the identification and implementation of sustainable solutions, with great faith in the promise of good design. As we begin our work we carefully consider each project’s urban and natural context. Projects are thereafter developed with a clear sense of place and purpose. Finally, construction details are always rigorously controlled in order to be in concordance with the project’s fundamental concept. We are sensitive to the synergies that emerge in collaborative processes, viewing teamwork as fundamental to the creation of great work. We see each job as an opportunity to create a unique structure that can transform a part of the world, no matter the scale. Current project sites are in Spain, the USA, Mexico and the Dominican Republic. Our work has been widely published in international media.


Belén Moneo (Harvard, 1988) and Jeffrey Brock (Princeton, 1985), founded Moneo Brock in 1993 in New York City after receiving their Masters of Architecture from Columbia University’s GSAPP in 1991, when they first collaborated professionally on a project for a loft in Tribeca. Maintaining connections with New York, the firm opened its Madrid office in 2002.





Letters to the Mayor is an itinerant exhibition that displays real letters written by architects to their city mayors. Initiated by Storefront for Art and Architecture in 2014, the project has traveled to more than 15 cities across the globe, including Bogota, Mexico City, Athens, Panama City, Taipei, Mariupol, Madrid, Lisbon, and Buenos Aires, among others. See here for a list of iterations.  


Letters to the Mayor invites 100 architects in each city to write a letter to their mayor as a means of bringing innovative ideas and visions of the city closer to the decision-makers, and vice versa.


Throughout history, architects have engaged with this responsibility and the structures of economic, political, and cultural power in different ways and with varying degrees of success. With the rise of globalization and the homogenization of the contemporary city, the role of the architect in the political arena has often been relegated to answering questions that others have asked. 


Letters to the Mayor questions this dynamic, and invites local and global architects to deliver their thoughts directly to the desks of elected officials, and simultaneously into the public consciousness.





Letters to the Mayor is part of Storefront for Art and Architecture’s initiative Architecture Conflicts, a project with the purpose of identifying pressing issues, ongoing conflicts, and design solutions in relation to the most important urban problems today. Architecture Conflicts is supported in part by the National Endowment for the Arts.