January 12, 2016 at 7 pm

Storefront for Art and Architecture

97 Kenmare Street, New York


With Keller Easterling, Kelsey Keith, Richard Plunz, Jorge Otero Pailos, and INCA (Curators of the Taking Buildings Down competition). Moderated by Eva Franch and presented as a Salon Series in conjunction with Storefront’s OfficeUS project.

While building has traditionally been defined as the assembly of parts or materials toward the creation of a whole, our built environment is the product of many forces, reflecting tensions between creation and destruction, addition and subtraction, and erection and demolition. 
Next Tuesday, Storefront’s Salon Series will bring together critics and scholars to discuss the implications behind the ongoing competition Taking Buildings DownParticipants will address questions of memory, power, politics, heritage, and city-making to ultimately expand the notion of what it means to build today.
This event marks the pre-release of OfficeUS Manual, with content from the publication related to the one of the 25 themes,  Democratizing Action. It also marks the registration deadline for the Taking Buildings Down ideas competition. You may register for the competition here. Winning entries will be published, and three monetary prizes will be awarded to the best submissions. 
Registration Deadline: Tuesday, January 12
Submission Deadline: Wednesday, January 20
This event is free and open to the public, with seating available on a first come, first served basis. Storefront members receive reserved seating. To become a member please click here. You may reserve a seat here.
About Storefront Salon and OfficeUS:

Storefront Salon is a informal gathering at Storefront’s gallery space that addresses the 25 issues of OfficeUS, a project introduced at the 2014 Venice Architecture Biennale. The salon promotes dialogue connecting art and architecture to these broader contemporary issues, which include:

Ex-Im, Trojan Horses, Best Practices, Crude Ideals, International Comfort, Reprogramming, The Invisibles, Global Citizenship, Magical States, Profit Margin, Smart Concrete, Little Americas, Anger/Love Management, Cargo Cult, Housing Public Good, Bullets Without Ideology, Code Upgrade, Culture Capital, Superlatives, Big Box Rules, Network Patents, Mission Good, Around the clock, Labor LEED and Mission Statement

These facilitated discussions are open to everyone, and will bring together Storefront’s members, network, and the community to discuss and dissect the role of culture in the most recent and relevant public debates. The OfficeUS project maintains the momentum and spirit of transformative thought coupled with collaborative action that was present at the US Pavilion, and captures its vigor in order to bring to New Yorkers a model of social engagement through art and architecture. This model deals with both ideas and practice that are simultaneously intellectually stimulating, innovative, cross-disciplinary, and accessible.