Interrogation Series: Hotel Yeoville

September 24, 2013, 7pm


Hotel Yeoville is a participatory public art project conceptualized and directed by artist Terry Kurgan in collaboration with a diverse group of people working across a range of disciplines. Based online and in the public library of the old suburb of Yeoville on the eastern edge of Johannesburg’s inner city, the project comprises of a website, a photo wall and a series of booths in which members of the public are invited to offer stories about themselves through mapping, video, photography and text, using various digital interfaces and social media applications. 


For this event,  Mario Gooden and Mabel Wilson interrogated Terry Kurgan, after a brief introduction by Bronwyn Law-Viljoen. 


Event Participants

Mario Gooden

Terry Kurgan

Bronwyn Law-Viljoen

Mabel Wilson





About the book

A well-illustrated and wide-ranging book about a year-long public art project in an inner-city neighborhood in Johannesburg, South Africa, home to many African immigrants. The project began during a wave of xenophobic violence in South African cities, but sought to find an alternative to the victim-narratives that the violence produced. To this end, it set up a space in Yeoville to record stories from people living in the neighbourhood. The book contains images and stories from the project participants, as well as essays by the author and other collaborators in the project.


Publisher: Fourthwall Books, Johannesburg, South Africa

English, 2012, 256 pages, full color and duotone illustrations throughout

9.65 X 8.3 in., hardcover

55 USD


Copies were available for purchase at the event and will be available on Storefront’s website soon.



The Interrogation Series develops questions and interviews between institutionalized modes of inquiry and/or emerging discourses. The events aim to produce multiple methodologies of inquiry and ultimately extract a confession or obtain information from certain suspects in relation to a particular crime [book, building, photograph, thought,…] through a series of arguments, questions and [hopefully] answers.