Reading Images Series:


September 12, 2013, 6pm

Horror Vacui Project / R. do Crucifixo 77


A growing disapproval of the structures of government around the world, including various versions of representative democracy, is producing an increasing desire for the reimagination of structures of exchange, debate and social growth.


While the Body Politic is supposed to comprise of each one of its citizens, current political bodies seem to comprise only a few. As the disenchantment of current structures of governance grows, Reading Images looks closely at the spaces of domestic interaction and action, where contemporary subjects mediate between local and global dignitaries with emotional and economical power to re-imagine new forms of collective political governance.


The event took place in front of the project called ‘Horror Vacui,’ a participatory installation based on the construction of a building façade made of interior images sent by contributors printed in traditional Portuguese tiles.


Participating Experts

Pedro Ferreira, (Lisbon, architect)

Nacho González Galán, (New York/Madrid, architect)
Rita Joao, (Lisbon, architect)

Jaffer Kolb, (New York, architect)
Ang Li, (New York, architect)
Phoebe Springstubb, (New York, architect)
Patrick Tierney, (San Francisco, Research engineer)
Moderated by Eva Franch i Gilabert (New York/Barcelona, curator and architect)


Reading Images Series are image-based events that invite individuals to closely look into images of a specific site or theme and develop and construct arguments, narratives, and observations that produce incisive readings of form, politics, gaze, and representation.