Definitions Series:


September 11, 2013, 6pm

Jardim Botto Machado


The general increase in life expectancy has made elderly people the fastest growing population group in most Western countries. In Portugal, in the last fifty years, life expectancy has gone from 60 to 80 years making almost twenty percent of the entire population above 65 years old. Cities, designed without the growing needs of older citizens in mind must now consider different speeds, geometries and programs.


While lateness could be described as that moment in someone’s life when the ambition and rigor of early years is abandoned for creativity inspired by experience, careful consideration and oftentimes irresolution, old on the contrary implies comfort and familiarity. While lateness opens up a new horizon of expectations, old and elderly set a totally different tone. This Definition Series aimed to unveil what we mean in social, spatial and aesthetic terms when we refer to old. 


Participating Experts

Paulo Moreira (Lisbon, architect and writer)

David Peñuela (Treviso, interactive designer)

Andrés Jaque (Madrid/New York, Architect)

Ines Moreira (Lisbon, architect and curator)

Jimenez Lai (Chicago, architect)

Moderated by Eva Franch i Gilabert (New York/Barcelona, curator and architect)


Definitions Series is an online and live event that consists of constructing multiple definitions from different points of views of a singular word or concept. Participants contribute online and during the event by reading their personal definition of a word followed by a group discussion with the audience.