Storefront for Art and Architecture, in collaboration with Instituto Cervantes, presents the inaugural event of our new Manifesto Series with the FreshLatino seminar Emerging Latin Territories.

The presentations and conversations intend to be a declaration of strategies and visions to speculate, understand or project a new approach towards the construction of our built environment from a Latin-American perspective within a global world. The event will take place in two acts and will be moderated by curator Ariadna Cantis in collaboration with Eva Franch. In order to frame and spark the discussion, the two sessions-the first at the Instituto Cervantes and the second at Storefront-will provide the following lenses for exploration:


Monday October 25th, Instituto Cervantes, 6pm 
1/ Urban Territories & Material and Sensorial Qualities 
Leonardo Diaz Borrioli
Pablo Lorenzo Eiroa
Cristina Goberna
Javier Iturralde
Andres Jaque
Joaquim Moreno


Wednesday October 27th, Storefront for Art and Architecture, 7pm 
2/ Geopolitical Territories & Environmental Sensibilities 
Francisca Benitez
Carlos Brillembourg
Jose Castillo
Urtzi Grau
Andres Jaque
Ximena Labra
…and more






Curated by Ariadna Cantis, curator of the FreshLatino exhibition at the Instituto Cervantes, in collaboration with Eva Franch.


About FreshLatino: «Freshlatino» is a selection of fourteen Ibero-American architectural offices that use the medium of video-installation to expose their ideas, some of them materialized as small constructions, others operating within the world of contemporary art, performance or architecture. The works operate within the limits of various disciplines proposing a new way to approach the complexity of contemporary cities through different interventions in the public space. Freshlatino is a documentation platform that constructs links on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean, redrawing a new cultural geography. Freshlatino is a Project by Ariadna Cantis


About the Manifesto Series: The Manifesto Series is part of Storefront’s programming for the development and exposure of fresh and new ideas in a precise and concise manner. The events aim to reinvigorate and reinvent the manifesto format as a way of exchanging ideas.