Manifesto Series:


September 14, 2013, 5pm

Public square, in front of Rua Século 79


The current legal cases around the world against the disclosure of so-called “private” information (from Wikileaks to the Snowden case) offer a picture of the dangers of contemporary culture. The creative industry and its entrepreneurs often push the limits defined by laws and bureaucracy in regards to licensing, finances and other areas in which they might find niches of opportunity. Pure illegality is sometimes part of the vocabulary of culture guerrilla tactics. What are the most pressing dangers to question, redefine and blur? This Manifesto Series asked a series of individuals to propose the hypothetical disbanding of some of the current dangers of society and offer new imaginary limits for the production of culture.


Participating Experts

Ethel Baraona Pohl (Barcelona, architect)

Adam Michaels (New York, designer)

Inês Moreira (Lisbon, architect and curator)

Diogo Aguiar (Porto, architect and curator)

João Jesus (Porto, architect and curator)

Teresa Otto (Porto, architect)

Zuloark (Madrid, collective of architecture and many more…)

Moderated by Eva Franch i Gilabert (New York/Barcelona curator and architect)


Manifesto Series events develop and expose fresh, new ideas in a precise and concise manner.  The events have the aim to reinvigorate and reinvent the manifesto format as a way of exchanging ideas forcing the participants to denounce a present or past condition, proclaim an alternative present, past or future situation and indicate a strategy or method to achieve its announced goals.