The work of Denise Scott Brown has taken different mediums and formats throughout the years with a strong emphasis on visual culture. For OfficeUS, the 2014 US Representation at the Venice Architecture Biennale, Denise Scott Brown has produced a series of seven compilations of images of her photographic archive that run transversaly through seven of the 25 OfficeUS Issues. The OfficeUS Issues are narratives and themes that have endured historically and that are lenses of inquiry by which OfficeUS is developing its work throughout the Venice Architecture Biennale.


The seven films on display at the US Pavilion in the working stations of the office, contain a heterogeneous assemblage of architecture images, from Le Corbusier’s Unite d’Habitation, to event stills of World Fair Exhibitions, to social portraits of housing projects in South Africa or London.


With a personal take on the OfficeUS Issues “Export-Import”, “Best Practices”, “Crude Ideals”, “Global Citizenship”,  “Smart Concrete”, “Little Americas” and “Housing Public Good”, these short films of seven minutes provide both a global reflection of the architectural production of the last fifty years and a view into the vast archive of images produced by one of the most important figures of the architectural visual critical imaginary.


A projection of the films at Storefront for Art and Architecture Space in New York will take place on XXXX.