The OfficeUS Repository presents a curated collection of 1001 architecture projects from the last 100 years designed by 200 U.S. based architecture firms and realized abroad. Each participating office and each project is represented in individual binders through photographs, architectural documentation, descriptive texts, key publications, and other miscellaneous documents. 


Wrapping the interior of the US Pavilion, the  Repository  binders produce a visual field of projects. The covers depict firm logos, years of production, a photograph and other information to allow an overview of each project. Visitors are invited to sit down and read the project and office binders. 


The Repository also contains the work of over  200 U.S. based architecture offices , of which approximately 90 are currently practicing. These range from historically established practices such as Holabird & Root, SOM, and Albert Khan, to young firms such as over,under and SO-IL. 


The research for the Repository is an ongoing project that consists of archival research, field research and primary sources provided by current architectural firms. This research includes both carefully chosen archival and secondary sources, and compiles architectural documentation in the form of photographs and drawings, discourse in the form of published articles, and other miscellaneous materials.

More material to be considered for inclusion in the OfficeUS Repository can be sumbitted by visiting the website.