MANIFESTO SERIES: Infrastructural Opportunism

January 28, 2011


Storefront for Art and Architecture presented Manifesto Series: Infrastructural Opportunism which showcased 100 points [10 speakers] towards a new methodology of action for the 21st century. 


While contemporary politics is navigating towards a better understanding of the geopolitical consequences of an increasingly globalized territory through a publicly acknowledgedInfrastructural Investment, architects, simultaneously, have shifted their attention from the object to the territory. Coupling: Infrastructural Opportunism, the last issue of Pamphlet Architecture, is a collection of projects, strategies and methodologies that show us how to learn to see our build environment anew and find new opportunities for action. This event brought together a series of this issue’s contributors and other architects and writers to deliver a series of fresh thoughts towards an Infrastructural Opportunism. 



The event featured:


MIMI ZEIGER on manifestos

INTERBORO on exclusion

DIANA BALMORI on realignments

JASON VIGNERI-BEANE on stripping down


ANDREW BLUM on tubes

JOYCE HWANG on interventions

MAMMOTH on expanding fields

JANETTE KIM on highjacking

INFRANET LAB on contingency




The Manifesto Series is part of an effort to encourage the formulation of positions in relation to selected topics and instigate spirited discussion and exchange in a dynamic and polemical context. The format therefore differs from that of a typical symposium.